Freelance Photography

Freelance Photography

Well, that’s the plan at least.

Self taught photographers starting out in the big, beautiful world.

Freelance photography
Aperture Poppy

Please take a look through our galleries of latest images, bookmark us to easily check when we add more.

We also have a blog that touches on our journey through learning about photography, some of the issues we’ve faced and how we have overcome them to details of the shoots we do.

Please feel free to comment and get involved in our journey if you are currently on your own or considering starting! We love to hear advice, tips and just generally chinwag with others who love capturing moments on film!

Man in Woods

Using a Nikon D3300.

We are based in Bristol and looking to do free shoots with models or for events in which we can gain experience and grow.

Please get in touch via email if you would be interested in meeting us!